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Sustainable technology for the future of fish farming - today!


  • Akvatech's closed cage is the result of more than 15 years of research and development.

  • The technology behind the cages was developed by AgriMarine and has been tested in Canada, the U.S., China and Norway.

  • Since 2012, Akvatech has had the exclusive right to this technology in Northern Europe.

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  • The cages are built with vacuum-molded fiberglass, which makes the construction stronger and more durable - in all weather conditions.

  • The cages have been used in "arctic conditions" with temperatures down to -25ºC, and in a lake with 25-30 cm thick ice. They have also been used during extreme weather with winds up to hurricane strength (33 m/s).

  • Existing infrastructure that may already be at the location, such as feed rafts, anchors and moorings, can also be used on Akvatech's cages.

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  • Akvatech is certified as a supplier of main components, cf. the NYTEK Regulations Section 14 and NS9415: 2009.

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